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Trichotherapie™️ Hair Treatments

Our customized hair treatments have been created exclusively for TrichoSpa. We have treatments that address the core causes of dry, brittle hair and weak, damaged and breaking hair.

Our Trichotherapie™️ Hair Treatments are included in the Ultimate Wash Day package. 

Rehydrating Hair Treatment

​TThis treatment hydrates the hair and replenishes moisture and helps restore optimal moisture balance. This is a deep conditioning treatment that includes our exclusive mix of ingredients that seal in moisture to the hair for a long-lasting hydration, restoring moisture. It also protects and repairs damaged strands. Hair will feel healthier, softer, and smoother after just one application.  


This treatment is for dry/very dry and brittle hair. It's also great for low porosity hair.


Restorative Hair Treatment

This treatment helps repair damaged hair. It improves hair strength and elasticity. It reduces breakage and helps with repair of the cuticle.

This custom treatment:

  • Strengthens hair to resist combing damage 

  • Increases the strength of damaged hair 

  • Penetrates deep into hair fibers to strengthen and restore damaged hair

  • Protects the hair from environmental damage

  • Repairs the most damaged areas of the hair

This treatment is ideal for damaged, breaking hair and bleached hair.

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