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Hair Loss + Trichology Consultations

If you are experiencing any type of hair loss, thinning, breakage or scalp concern, our Hair Loss + Trichology Consultations are ideal for you. 

They include an in depth scientific analysis of your hair and scalp with a report of findings, conclusions and treatment protocol to address those issues.

Hair + Scalp Analysis + Consultation

This is consultation is for you if you are experiencing any thinning, hair loss or alopecia OR scalp flaking and itching.


  • Hair loss history

  • Medication and health history

  • Trichoscopic analysis of the scalp in areas of hair loss or flaking

  • Trichoscopy report with analysis and conclusions of hair loss or scalp condition

  • Recommendations for treatment


Naturopathic Trichology Visit


Consultation with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and certified Trichologist to use an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach to address the underlying causes of your skin, hair and scalp concerns, and promote optimal wellness. 

We'll assess your skin, hair and scalp and create a customized treatment plan to address your concerns. 

This consultation includes and evaluation of your:

  • Health and wellness history

  • Hair care history

  • Nutrition and supplement history

  • Lifestyle analysis

  • Trichoscopy Scalp Examination with Hair Analysis Report 

  • Functional Blood Chemistry analysis with detailed Functional Health Assessment Report 

**A Complete Blood Count (CBC) is required for this visit. If you don't have recent blood tests (within 6 months) we can provide a requisition form. Blood tests requisitioned by a Naturopathic Doctor are not covered under your Provincial health insurance plan and are an additional cost. 

This visit may be covered under your Extended Benefits plans. Direct billing MAY be available through some insurance companies. Pre-determination can be done upon booking. 

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