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Hair Consultations

We understand that embracing your natural hair can be a little confusing and somewhat overwhelming. And you may need some help. This is where Natural Hair Consultations come in. 

You can't get a regimen from someone online and expect it to work for you. Our unique and comprehensive consultation process allows us to obtain a thorough hair care and wellness history, do a hair assessment and then, based on your hair needs, lifestyle factors and goals, develop a SOLUTIONS-BASED hair care regimen.

Hair Assessment

​This basic consultation assesses any issues you may be encountering with your hair, clarifies hair goals and basic hair care recommendations are given. This is a 45 minute consultation that includes Hair Goals, product and Current Regimen Evaluation, Hair Texture Assessment, Mini Wellness Questionnaire, Hair Care Recommendations.


Curl Consultation + Regimen Design


This consultation includes everything in the Quick Consultation but goes more in depth with your hair goals, lifestyle, health and wellness and hair assessments.

This consultation includes:

  • Hair Goals, product and Current Regimen Evaluation

  • Hair Texture Assessment

  • Hair Health Questionnaire

  • Health Questionnaire

  • Nutrition + Supplement Recommendations (if applicable)

  • 4 Week Hair Regimen 


Advanced Curl Analysis + Consultation (COMING SOON)

We are pleased to partner with Myavana to offer this in depth analysis of your hair strands. We'll take images of your hair and scalp and your hair will be scientifically analyzed to determine its key characteristics, including the porosity, cuticle condition, health, and which products and ingredients are best suited for your hair.  

The curl analysis includes:

  • Scientific analysis of your client's hair texture, type, and condition

  • Complete hair assessment uncovering the hair's porosity, elasticity, and overall health

  • Personalized healthy hair care plan containing product recommendations, ingredient recommendations, and hair care regimens to meet your hair goals and create a path to healthy hair

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