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Natural Beauty

ABOUT TrichoSpa™️

TrichoSpa™️ by Earthtones is a holistic skin, hair + scalp spa and curl care boutique.

We specialize in corrective curl, scalp and skin care using trichological treatments for various scalp and hair concerns, and corneotherapy to correct skin issues.

Our goal is the maintenance of a healthy scalp with optimal hair growth, and moisturized hair that is manageable and looks its best. 


SkinSpa for Corrective Skin Therapies

SkinSpa is our skin therapy space where we specialize in Corneotherapy. 

Corneotherapy is a skin treatment system whose core principle is the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems.


This goes beyond typical aesthetic treatments to correct skin conditions and support the prevention of skin problems.  

An Integrative approach to skin + scalp + hair care

We promote a holistic treatment approach which include:


  • Nutritional supplementation to address overall health and wellness, as well as targeted support for hair growth;

  • Trichology treatments to improve the health of the scalp and the condition of the hair;

  • Corneotherapeutic skin care treatments which preserves the integrity of the skin barrier defence system while correcting common skin conditions;

  • Aesthetic hair services such as cutting, colouring and styling to enhance the look of the hair and optimize hair strength, moisture retention, curl definition (if desired) and maintenance.

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Our Specialized Treatments

Our treatments and services support optimal skin and scalp health and function, hair hydration, moisture and length retention. They address common skin concerns, damaged hair, breakage, and thinning hair by first assessing the underlying causes of these issues, and then creating customized in-spa treatments and at home regimens. 

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